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You won’t believe it. There’s no question the physical presence of the ARGO Sherp Series is remarkable, but what these amphibious utility task vehicles (UTVs) can accomplish is unbelievable.

ARGO Sherp Ark XTZ is designed to maneuver up to 22 people effortlessly on any surface with its smooth skid steering, unique suspension and massive 63" tubeless ultra-low-pressure tires. These lightweight UTVs give you big performance with as little impact as possible. Inside the ARGO Sherp Ark XTZ is where technology, comfort and safety team up. Innovative features inside and out give the ARGO Sherp Ark XTZ the ability to get your gear, cargo and teams anywhere on Earth.
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Doosan® diesel engines are powerful, reliable and fuel efficient with low noise and vibration. The strength and dependability you need day in and day out in the most extreme environments and weather conditions.

The ARGO Sherp Pro XT is powered by a Doosan D18 diesel engine. The ARGO Sherp Ark XTX and XTZ adds even more muscle with a Doosan D24 Tier 4 final diesel engine.

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The ARGO Sherp Pro XT uses a smooth hydraulic skid steering system to provide superior maneuverability when huge boulders, steep ridges, fallen trees and deep ravines try to block your path. It makes turning easier and effortless to turn no matter what terrain is out your window.


The reliability, strength and durability of our patented suspension system (including tires and wheels that are lightweight and elastic), creates a high level of adhesion to the ground. The 71" tubeless ultra-low-pressure tires are self-inflating for optimum traction in snow, water, sand, mud or hard surfaces. The full inflation cycle takes 30 seconds to reach full pressure. Many ask, "Can you get a flat?" The simple and tested answer is, "no."

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Unlike hydraulic motors and belt drives, a unique experience of using gears and oil bath chains help to avoid slippage and sticking on any terrain when the vehicle is being driven in extreme conditions.

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Special canister fuel tanks embedded in each wheel can significantly increase self-sustainability and drastically increase cruising range, while keeping the internal space free for storing supplies, tools and equipment. Total additional diesel fuel capacity for the ARGO Sherp Pro XT is 61.2 gallons (231.6 L). The ARGO Sherp Ark XTX and XTZ is 153 gallons (579.1 L).

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Move anywhere on Earth in comfort. ARGO Sherp Ark XTZ enclosed personnel mover is designed to carry groups of people through extreme conditions safely. Up to 22 passengers (4 in front and 18 in the rear). When you have the right vehicle on the job, anything is possible.

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The ARGO Sherp Ark XTX and XTZ use a three-axis multi-powered articulated steering to allow the vehicle to overcome multi-level obstacles. The intuitive steering controls handle the front section of the ARGO Sherp Ark to rise and twist, so it can easily gain traction to climb. The controls allow for smooth travels no matter what you need to overcome.

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