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XC 90
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Introducing the all-new Xplorer XC 90 youth ATV. This model is engineered for kids 12 years of age and up to provide lifelong memories. The XC 90 has many safety features straight from the factory, including an adjustable throttle for limiting speed and a handlebar tether cord adults can pull as a remote shut-off switch to stop the 89cc fan-cooled engine. This is the perfect youth platform to teach the fundamentals of riding and to learn the rules of nature’s endless playground.

MSRP $ 3,699

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Smooth in any direction. The durable automatic CVT transmission offers three gear positions — forward, neutral and reverse.

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While being smaller in size, the XC 90 provides a smooth ride with independent single A-arm suspension with 2.8” of travel in the front and swing arm suspension with 2.9' of travel in the rear.


Safety first and foremost. Front-mounted single headlight, rear taillight and brake light provides added visibility during all hours of operation.

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Safety is priority number one when your kids are learning to ride. Ensuring operator safety, the XC 90 comes standard with an adjustable throttle for speed limiting, a tether cord that can be pulled by an adult to shutoff the ATV and a highly visible orange whip flag helps you and other vehicles keep an eye on your young rider at all times.

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