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XR 500
XR 500 4x4 Main Red.jpg
The ARGO team has been on a mission since debuting the ARGO Xplorer XR Series five short years ago to offer a better ATV, period. Better horsepower. Better suspension. Better comfort. Better, well, you get it. The all-new 2022 XR 500 adds a fresh laundry list of enhancements, including the new 443cc liquid-cooled engine with EFI, new performance clutching and class-leading suspension. We don’t subtract essential features, like engine breaking, to save a few bucks; we make everything better. Go see why an ARGO XR 500 is a better fit for you.

MSRP $ 8,199

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This compact 4-stroke single overhead camshaft (SOHC) engine is liquid cooled and features electronic fuel injection (EFI). Offering the perfect balance of horsepower and torque, the 443cc engine will work just as hard as you do to get the job done while providing the necessary power for trail rides.

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Double A-arm front and rear suspension delivers premium comfort and control in all conditions. On all Xplorer models we mount the shocks to the lower A-arm for maximum shock performance and a wider range of rider comfort. Fine-tune the suspension for individual riding styles and load carrying with adjustable coil-over-spring settings.


The XR 500 is equipped with 24” Kenda tires seated on steel wheels. These aggressive off-road tires provide superior traction when venturing off road. Always wear a helmet and drive safe.

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Heavy-duty front and rear racks outperform composite racks and are easy to secure large loads with 240 Ibs. capacity on the rear and 120 Ibs. up front.

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Digital instrument panel with odometer, speedometer, Tripmeter, RPM, transmission position, 2WD/4WD/LOCK indicator, fuel gauge, temperature, low-battery, high beam and check engine lights.


Making your experience better. With just a push of a button, selecting between 2WD/4WD gives you on demand capabilities with the addition of a locking front differential for added grab and traction in unruly terrain.

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The rugged 2-inch receiver features automotive styling and a maximum towing capacity up to 1,050 pounds.

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