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XRT 570 LE
XRT 570 LE Grey Main.jpg
Being behind the handlebars is the thrill we all can’t get enough of on the trail. You’re in control of your picturesque journey turn after turn. There’s nothing quite like it. With the new 2022 Xplorer XRT 1000 LE , passengers will now want some time up front. The 997cc liquid-cooled engines is the big reason why the passenger will say, “Pull over, it’s my turn!” It's pure power with this engine.

The XRT 1000 LE is equipped with 26" Maxxis tires with aluminum rims, handguards for added protection, 3,000 lb. winch and premium plastic painted body panels. Passengers want to experience premium off-road performance and control for themselves. You can’t blame them.

MSRP $ 15,799

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Pure power that excites. The dynamic 997cc V-Twin single overhead camshaft (SOHC) 4-stroke engine comes with EFI and liquid cooling for optimal performance in all conditions. With a subtle roar, it’s designed and tuned to deliver superlative fuel economy and progressive torque over its broad powerband, with an auxiliary fan for consistent performance in the most demanding conditions.

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Double A-arm front and rear suspension delivers premium comfort and control in all conditions. On all Xplorer models we mount the shocks to the lower A-arm for maximum shock performance and a wider range of rider comfort. Fine-tune the suspension for individual riding styles and load carrying with adjustable coil-over-spring settings.

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Control and handling for every turn and trail. The Maxxis tires have an aggressive off-road design providing superior traction when venturing off road.


Heavy-duty front and rear racks outperform composite racks and are easy to secure large loads with 240 Ibs. capacity on the rear and 120 Ibs. up front.

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All conveniently set from the digital display, the Tri-Mode Speed Sensing Electronic Power Steering (TMSS EPS) not only senses the ATV speed for varying levels of assist, the rider can select no assist, minimum assist and maximum assist steering.


The rugged 2-inch receiver features automotive styling and a maximum towing capacity up to 1,255 pounds.

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Ride efficiently and safely. Digital instrument panel includes odometer, speedometer, tripmeter, RPM, transmission position, 2WD/4WD/LOCK indicator, fuel gauge, temperature and low-battery, high-beam and check-engine lights.


Be ready for everything and anything. When you need extra muscle, this heavy-duty 3,000 lb. winch has been engineered for durability, which maximizes strength and longevity.

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